Five Guys: App

Problem: How do we make ordering food with your phone a fun and pleasing experience?

Insight: The visual experience of food is just as important as the taste.

Solution: Make an app with a visually rich interface and interaction.


Burger building and photo taking in one.


Five Guys burger ordering is a building process. We bring that experience to life with this application. The burger shows a visual representation of what you are ordering in real time. In addition, this app allows you to take photos and add your Five Guys food into it before you share it.





Problem: How do you sell a service years before it is needed?

Insight: Eye fatigue runs rampant within our target.

Solution: Give them the 'Break' they want.


Looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes will help prevent eye fatigue. This app takes this recommendation further and suggests breaks based on user data.


This app helps position LensCrafters as the knowledgeable and caring source for eye-care products.

Problem: Introduce a new Marvel character in a saturated arena of superheroes.

Insight: The idea of magical powers fascinates, yet not many have seen any.

Solution: Create enchanting and magical appearances of our heroine PAX.


A unique trait of PAX, our heroine, is that she reflects the faces around her in a shimmer-like glow.


Using AR (augmented reality), projection mapping, and real-time cloud computing, we make PAX appear and reflect an individual's visage.


The power and ubiquity of smart devices makes this possible.

Marvel: Pax

Mountain HardWear: Peak

Problem: Create a value add-on with technology

Insight: Outdoor enthusiasts are attached to their gear emotionally and with the safety of their lives.

Solution: Create a branded product that will prevent the loss of gear, and instead build positive memories and experiences.


Product innovation not only has to serve a function; it also has to connect with the consumer emotionally. By preventing loss, this product reinforces the brand's position of care and knowledge.


Peak makes sure outings stay enjoyable and memorable.


About: Me

When I was a kid, I played with everything my father owned-- his cameras, toolkits, computers, art supplies, instruments, etc. Lucky for me, he didn't mind when I broke things. This is how I learned to repair them.


In high school you couldn't find me without my Nikon SLR, a skateboard, over-sized markers, and some gadget like an infrared scrambler. I did things, made things, and signed my name to it all.


I studied engineering and liked it, but it wasn't for me. I gave a photo editing a shot – fun, but it didn’t do the trick. So, I tried graphics and IT work... It was missing things too... And then I realized I want to do everything I've always been doing as a mash-up!!! Creative technology was the elusive career I had always wanted. And this is where I now, an experience designer at your service.



I love the outdoors too.

A little more about me...

More Brandcenter projects:

Method: Collaborative, iterative, and human-centered.


Gravity: Creative computation. Ubiquitous computing. Arduino, Processing, and other tools that make things come to life in digital and physical spaces.


Tools: Omnigraffle, Axure, Adobe Creative Suite

Familiarity with: CSS, HTML, and Android Development


Strengths: Ideation. Design. XD. UX. Rapid prototyping. Usability testing. Brand strategy.



Creative Technology. Mass Communications. Advertising.


M.O.: Explore the outdoors.

Always finding, learning, and adopting new everythings.


I have a passion for learning, a lust for life, and a perplexing attention span for the beauty all around us.


My hobbies include arts, fitness, scuba, equestrian, film photography, the outdoors, and exploring everything.

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Tut : Arduino to ATTiny24


Resume | LinkedIn

Me @ Aldo Padilla . com


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